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Brain TricksLearn how our brain and eyes work together to create the world we see.  Using this knowledge we’ll put a hole in your hand, create pictures that only exist in your brain and make flat pictures 3D.  

Catapult Craze – Is there anything more fun than elastic energy?  Build a catapult to learn about forces and motion!

Cool ColorsExperiment to find the secrets behind BLACK INK and WHITE LIGHT!

Wonderful Water Raindrops, density, surface tension and more!

It’s Alive!What makes something “alive”?  GTRRRR!  A scavenger hunt, up close investigations and Sweet Potato – Dead or Alive will help you find out!

Making Sense of Our Senses – Sight  You won’t believe your eyes as you make and enjoy optical illusions that teach us about how our brain and eyes work together to show us the world.

 AMAZING AIR –  The eye-popping experiments of Air is there and the DO NOT OPEN BOTTLE will show you just how amazing air is!

EVERYDAY CHEMISTRY – Learn how chemists organize matter by physical and chemical properties.