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Meet Michelle White - Power in Energy

Dee W Owens

January 5, 2015

5 star Amazing!!! The student's receive a fun, interactive, hands on experience from Crystal Clear Science. Michelle is very knowledgeable on the experiments. If you have not had a Crystal Clear Science experience do it now!!

5 star Review

January 2, 2015

Crystal Clear keeps the children entertained while teaching them about science concepts. I've seen many of her programs and each one is better than the last. She makes sure the students are involved and keeps them fascinated with the experiments she demonstrates. Keep up the great work!

Jan McManus

December 22, 2014

5 starKnowledge meets creatvity supported by humor and guided by wisdom: Crystal Clear Science's Michelle White is all this and so much more. If you have any money to spend on outside resources and need a finger to point you in which way to go, consider this your neon arrow pointing the way. Even the most calcitrant junior high kid will tilt his/her head and listen intently to the awesome ways Michelle brings science to our everyday pedestrian world. En-er-gee!!!

Archdiocese of Cincinnati

June 21, 2011

Michelle White, of Crystal Clear Science, has worked extensively with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for many years in professional development for elementary science teachers, in presenting workshops and all-school assemblies and hands-on school-wide science days. In every incident when Michelle has worked with a school, they have been very pleased with the programs, presentation, and materials Michelle has provided. Both teachers and students have benefited greatly from her enthusiastic and clear presentations, making sense of the science behind the activities. While entertaining and attention-catching, Michelle’s activities are always geared to teaching good science while being low cost and simple to replicate.

Working with Michelle has been a pleasure for me personally. She is a knowledgeable professional who understands both the teacher’s and the students’ needs. She has prepared programs for specific topics, assisted teachers in constructing learning centers, and provided a host of materials, both purchased and home-made, to illustrate science concepts. She works hard to incorporate whatever suggestions and direction she is given.

Teachers know that if Michelle White/Crystal Clear is doing a workshop, it will be well worth their time!


Sr. Miriam Kaeser, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent

Indian Hill

April 27, 2011

This letter is written in support and recommendation of the expertise and talents of Michelle White (aka “Crystal Clear”) in conducting school presentations that enrich and extend science learning. Michelle has been presenting a variety of programs for first and second grade students at Indian Hill Primary School for at least five years.

Michelle’s expertise in science is readily apparent. She has developed a number of programs on specific content and is eager to work with the school to develop any new or adjusted program to support the science curriculum. She is well aware of and informed about state standards in science curriculum and designs her instruction to build on the standards. At the Primary School, she has regularly conducted lessons on topics including energy, matter, insects, sound, weather, and ecology. Michelle works with the teachers to ensure that her program extends the objectives and priorities of grade level science curricula. She consults with teachers on classroom lessons and unit development when needed.

Michelle is an effective teacher in her well-planned presentations. She has an easy communication style with the children, but expects and insists upon attentive behaviors: she manages the children well through high expectations, intriguing content and activities. Children respond to her with rapt attention, eager to watch, participate and learn.

I heartily endorse Michelle’s programs as engaging, stimulating and enriching science experiences for children that foster interest and deeper learning.


Sandra W. Harte

West Clermont

March 1, 2011

In January, we had the pleasure of having a program on electricity presented by Michelle White. It was wonderful and the kids learned so much with her hands-on activities.

Michelle focused on state science indicators and went deeper with them then we have the resources to do in the classroom! The children were engaged through the entire program.

We would love the opportunity for more presentations from Michelle and Crystal Clear Science and would recommend Michelle’s presentation to any school who would like to enhance their students’ science knowledge. If you would like to speak further, please contact Kim Rees at 513-947-7844.


Merwin Elementary
Third Grade Teachers

Monfort Heights Elementary

October 1, 2009

I am writing this letter in reference to Michelle White and her “Energy Smart” presentations. She has partnered up with Duke Energy and Scholastic to provide kits and assemblies to schools regarding energy conservation. While this remains the focus of the assembly, Michelle is able to connect these ideas to many of the state standards for Science in Ohio.

In her presentation to our Third Grade, Mrs. White was able to connect the ideas of being “Energy Smart” with our forces and motion unit. For the Fifth Grade, Michelle taught the students about circuits and electricity along with energy conservation. Every teacher that I talked with spoke very highly of the job Michelle had done. They were very pleased with how the presentation connected to their grade level’s curriculum and the great ideas that the students took away from the assembly. Robin Lyons (5th grade) remarked, “This assembly was great. It was ‘spot on’ our curriculum!”

The demonstrations that Michelle performed for the students really illustrated the concepts which she was trying to get across to her audience. She has a variety of materials and experiments which she uses throughout her presentation to increase student understanding. Additionally, the vocabulary which she uses is reflective of the content standards at each grade level as well as the wording the students will see on the OAT.

Our students also loved Michelle’s programs. They were interested and engaged throughout her presentation, and learned all about energy in a fun, interactive way. Many times, students were asked to repeat key words or phrases (usually from the OAT or content standards) to reinforce the concepts and vocabulary. They participated well and never had to be refocused. The pace of the program kept their attention and interest.

In closing, I want to recommend Mrs. White and her “Energy Smart” presentations to all elementary schools. We had three presentations, one for each of our Third, Fourth, and Fifth grades. The students were engaged and responsive to the demonstrations and to the presentation as a whole. Teachers raved about the program and were very pleased with the connections that Michelle made to the curriculum. All of our experiences with Michelle have been great and I would highly recommend her and her programs for your school. You will not be disappointed!


Adam Lohbeck
Assistant to the Principal

Western Row Elementary in Mason City Schools

September 29, 2009

Michelle White presented an enthusiastic as well as educational program sponsored by Duke Energy to our students at Western Row Elementary in Mason City Schools. She did an outstanding job. She had a very innovative “hands-on” approach to teaching children how to get excited about science.

I was impressed by her knowledge of the science standards and her ability to customize her presentation to cover many of the indicators at our grade level. She used age-appropriate vocabulary and built on very basic concepts never assuming the students had any background knowledge in the subject area was presenting. She kept the students engaged and having fun while teaching them the science behind how every day things work. Her ability to manage the students during appropriately louder times in our assembly and then during quieter times when she was getting them ready to go back to the classroom was done in a very professional manner.

I would highly recommend Michelle White to any school for a program presentation. Her innovative approach, her background knowledge of her subject area as well as science standards and indicators, her age-appropriate vocabulary, and her ability to engage and manage students is exceptional. If you would like to discuss her presentation further, please do not hesitate to call me at 513-225-8217.


Karen Vome
Mason City Schools
Western Row Elementary
Science Department Chair

American Electric Power River Operations Communications Department

July 22, 2008

It is my personal and professional privilege to give Michelle White of Crystal Clear Science a wholehearted recommendation.

During the past four years I have worked in the AEP River Operations Communications Department. Our department initiated an educational program called RiverWorks Discovery which is designed to educate the public about the importance of the barge industry.

Since we were in the beginning stages of working with our program, Michelle was invaluable to us in creating innovative experiments that were very appealing to both children and adults. She is a reliable self-starter and adept at working in a wide variety of venues. She worked at numerous fairs, special events, conventions and flower shows. She is effective in successfully relating to many different audiences. She also organized and implemented the presentation of our program in school assemblies. In addition to actually working the events she researched and provided for our review many opportunities for possible program presentations.

We are currently moving our RiverWorks Discovery program in a different direction. Due to this we know that Michelle will be exploring other possibilities for her business. I give my unconditional recommendation of Michelle White and Crystal Clear Science to you.


Cathy Mosher

Loveland Public Schools

July 22, 2008

Through personal experiences as the school coordinator and parent of participating children, I would highly recommend and fully endorse Crystal Clear Science as a high quality science outreach provider. Crystal Clear Science was highly recommended to me by a local parent whose children had participated in a Crystal Clear Science Program. As the PTA coordinator for the after school science classes for children Kindergarten through Fourth grade, I interviewed and ultimately hired Crystal Clear Science to provide a hands on science after school program for us beginning in the Fall of 2002.

As the PTA Coordinator, I had the opportunity to work directly with the leader of Crystal Clear Science, Michelle White. Michelle was very easy to work with – she was professional, flexible, committed, and responsible. Everything she did in preparing, promoting, and delivering the hands on program for Loveland Public Schools was high quality.

Plus, not only was I the Coordinator for the program, but I also had two of my own children participate in the program. On days of the science class, my kids could hardly wait to get to class. After class, they wanted to share with me, my husband, and anyone else they could find everything they learned that day. Plus, the learning didn’t end; we continue to hear them reflect back on something they learned in Crystal Clear Science long ago.

As you can tell, Michelle ensured that each science class delivered real learning and lots of hands on science to the Loveland students. Students learned many of the “big picture” concepts in science while having fun. In addition, Crystal Clear encouraged the students to continue their study of nature and science outside of the formal classroom with very hands on suggestions. She helped them learn to ask questions and develop ways to find information about them, and then to evaluate what they’ve learned.

I strongly recommend any science program or event hosted by Crystal Clear Science. Michelle White has proven over and over her dedication to teaching children about the natural world and their roles in it.

Please feel free to contact me at 513-697-8031 with additional questions or feedback on Crystal Clear Science and Michelle White.


Robin Throckmorton, M.A., SPHR